Collection Seven

Volumes 31-35

The seventh collected edition of Caffeine & Concrete includes all the interviews from Volumes 31 to 35. Be inspired by the stories of Writer Sheree Joseph, Photographer Sophie Willison, Hollywood TV Host and founder Alex Hudgens, Teacher Rob Segal and aspiring Actress, writer and vocalist Naomi Belet.

Art Direction, design, photography and layout by Lorenzo Princi. Proofreading by Luke Yates. Photography of Alex Hudgens by Nicole Balsamo.

Portrait of Sheree Joseph

Getting vocal with Sheree Joseph

Portrait of Sophie Willison

Throwing yourself into it with Sophie Willison

Portrait of Alex Hudgens

Getting to empty to Alex Hudgens

Portrait of Rob Segel

Imparting knowledge with Rob Segal

Portrait of Naomi Belet

Chasing forever with Naomi Belet