Collection Four

Volumes 16-20

The fourth collected edition of Caffeine & Concrete includes all the interviews from Volumes 16 to 20. Lulu Purnell whose taken the artisan chocolate scene by storm in Brisbane with I Heart Brownies. Bryan Forby shares his story of working at the top levels of body corporate management. Emma Sharley who shares her story of taking the adventurous leap from corporate to consultancy. The dynamic duo at Fleur and Felix about their successful small fashion business and Daniel Milnor, photographer at large for Blurb.

Art Direction, design, photography and layout by Lorenzo Princi. Photography of Lulu by Erin Kelly. Proofreading by Cinzia Forby & Luke Yates.

A walk down bakery lane with Lulu Purnell

Jumping Fences with Bryan Forby

Going On an Adventure with Emma Sharley

Doing It Yourself with Fleur and Felix

Being at Large with Daniel Milnor