Collection Three

Volumes 11-15

The third collected edition of Caffeine & Concrete includes all the interviews from Volumes 11 to 15. We hear from Inez Garcia about her continual shifting through oncoming change to stay relevant in fashion. James D. Jenkins discusses his transition from a career in law to one in publishing. The super energetic Kaylene Langford describes how she’s created a great spring board for young passionate entrepreneurs on the Gold Coast. Samantha Payne tells us how she developed from an up-market wine store clerk to become one of Australia’s premier sommelier. Finally artist Sydney Busskohl discusses how she is leveraging social-media to help drive her career as an artist.

Art Direction, design, layout by Lorenzo Princi. Photography of Inez and Samantha by Lorenzo Princi. Photography of James, Kaylene and Sydney used with curtousy. Proofreading by Cinzia Forby & Luke Yates.

Throwing off The Balance with Inez Garcia

In Search of Lost Liturature with James D. Jenkins

Gettin' On Up with Kaylene Langford

Wining, Dining & Writing with Samantha Payne

A New Lease on Life with Sydney Busskohl