Collection One

Volumes 1-5

The first collected edition of Caffeine & Concrete included the first five volumes of the zine featuring some amazing stories of entrepreneurship and leadership. With all new layouts and an overall more complete magazine feel, the collection is more reader-friendly and a little bit more bang for your buck. Collection One is a 100 page magazine printed superbly on premium matte paper, available now through Blurb.

Art Direction, design, layout and photography by Lorenzo Princi. Proofreading by Emily Jacobs, Cinzia Forby & Luke Yates. Photographs of Abhinav by Fiona Robertson, courtesy of Abhinav Keswani.

Lorenzo Princi

The Concrete Poetry of Lorenzo Princi

Luke Yates

Down In The Basement with Luke Yates

Abhinav Keswani

A Climb with Abhinav Keswani

Dave Bolton

Shooting Hoops with Dave Bolton

Nigel Sense

Painting Australia with Nigel Sense