"inspiring creative people who share their stories over a coffee... wrapped with the comforting arms of poetry."

- Matthew James Cheffo Strutt (Give Crohn's A Slap From Me)


The Volumes

Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 26 - Telling Stories with Richard de Carvalho
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 25 - Judging a Book By Its Cover with Chloe Ferres
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 24 - Leading by Design with Lucinda Burtt
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 23 - Changing Lives with Laurie Goodridge
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 22 - Developing Readers with Derek Taylor Kent
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 21 - Punching Up with Lucy Valentine
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 20 - Being at Large with Daniel Milnor
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 19 - Doing It Yourself with Fleur and Felix
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 18 - Going On an Adventure with Emma Sharley
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 17 - Jumping Fences with Bryan Forby
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 16 - A Trip Down Bakery Lane with Lulu Purnell
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 15 - A New Lease on Life with Sydney Busskohl
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 14 - Wining, Dining and Writing with Samantha Payne
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 13 - Gettin' On Up with Kaylene Langford
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 12 - In Search of Lost Literature with James D. Jenkins
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 11 - Throwing off The Balance with Inez Garcia
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 10 - Taking It To The Streets with Ashka Shen
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 9 - Taking Your Order With Stef Princi
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 8 - Inverting The Pyramid with Cameron Avery
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 7 - Taking The Field With Ivan Gavran
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 6 - Spelling It Out With Tania Debono
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 5 - Painting Australia With Nigel Sense
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 4 - Shooting Hoops With Dave Bolton
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 3 - A Climb With Abhinav Keswani
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 2 - Down In The Basement With Luke Yates
Caffeine & Concrete Vol. 1 - The Concrete Poetry of Lorenzo Princi


Caffeine & Concrete has been featured in various online blogs, check out interviews on StartUp Creative, Blurb and the audio interview with Daniel Milnor for his Dispatches series on Shifter.Media which you can listen to here.

Photo by Daniel Milnor


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Collected Editions

Lorenzo Princi

The collections feature five volumes of Caffeine & Concrete together in one 100 page magazine printed on premium matte stock by Blurb. A more reader-friendly and cost effective way to collect. Of course it's not exactly the same as the individual copies with new layouts and an overall tighter and more complete feel.View Collections →

Concrete Poetry

Lorenzo Princi

This whole thing started off when I decided to dust off some old poems and have some typographical fun with them. I try to keep them flowing in between the volumes and have collected them in two 200 page hardcover editions, Green Man Taught Me To Walk and Red Man Stopped Me In My Tracks.Check out the books →


Lorenzo Princi

Collaborative digital tabloid newspaper project about place, featuring black and white photography accompanied by excerpts from famous literature.Extra! Extra! Read all about it →


Lorenzo Princi

Interviews of Coffee and Concrete Poetry. Caffeine & Concrete is a passion project in the form of an online blog as well as printed magazine fulfilled by Blurb. The series hopes to share the stories of entrepreneurs and artists far and wide and have a little fun with typography along the way.Read The Story →